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How To Access A Private Ambulance Service

Private ambulance services and EMS/paramedic on-site services provide essential medical transportation and emergency care in New Jersey. These services offer specialized medical assistance, advanced life support, and safe transport to healthcare facilities. Here are some reputable private ambulance and EMS/paramedic service providers in New Jersey:

How to Access These Services

  1. Direct Contact: Reach out to the service providers listed above to inquire about and schedule services.
  2. Healthcare Provider Referrals: Many hospitals and healthcare providers can arrange transport or on-site services through these private companies.
  3. Insurance Companies: Verify with your insurance provider if these services are covered and request assistance in arranging transport.
  4. Online Booking: Some providers offer online booking and inquiries through their websites for easier access.

Important Considerations

  • Advance Booking: Schedule transport and on-site services in advance to ensure availability, especially for planned events.
  • Cost and Insurance: Confirm the costs and check if your insurance plan covers the service.
  • Medical Needs: Communicate any specific medical requirements to the service provider.
  • Emergency Contacts: Keep emergency contact information and medical details readily available during transport and on-site services.


New Jersey has a variety of private ambulance services and EMS/paramedic on-site services that provide crucial medical support and transportation. These services ensure that individuals receive timely and professional medical care, whether for emergency situations, routine medical transport, or event-specific needs.

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