109 Park Street, Orange, NJ 07050

About Bell Medical Transport


Bell Medical Transport is dedicated to offering caring medical transportation


Bell Medical Transport is built on the value of professional and personal care
along with maintaining patient safety and gratification.

We operate a fleet of licensed ambulances and medical wheelchair vans that are regularly inspected and certified.
Our vehicles are staffed by highly trained State Certified EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and MAVTs (Mobility Assistance Vehicle Technicians), who complete daily checks to maintain stocked, clean and safe vehicles.
All employees go through continuous compliance examinations such as:
  • County and National Criminal Background Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Defensive Driving
  • State Required Education
  • Company Trainings such as: Safety, HIPAA Compliance & More
Bell Medical Transport has more than 30 years of medical transportation experience.

Insurance Information

We are a licensed Medicare, Medicaid and LogistiCare provider and accept most insurances. We offer competitive private rate schedules to our patients and contracted nursing facilities. We accept all forms of payment for private pay trips and offer discounts for all credit card payments.

At Bell, we believe that every single patient we transport must be treated by every employee as though it were their own family member.

Our Staff/Personnel


The Mission

Our mission is to offer the highest quality of medical transportation, with a strong value in professionalism, integrity, dedication, courtesy and dignity for all we serve, 24-HOURS-A-DAY, 7-DAYS-A-WEEK, 365-DAYS-A-YEAR!

The Office Customer Service

Our office offers personalized customer service. We believe that our patients services begins from the time the appointment is scheduled through the actual medical transport and ends back in our office, where our staff will handle reimbursement for your services.

Our Administrative Office Staff

Specializing in Patient & Facility Satisfaction:


Elizabeth Longuiera

Associate Director for Administrative Operations


Hason Muhammad

Assistant Director for Field Operations

What People Say About us

"So pleased with the appearance of your
people, the cleanliness of your vehicles
and the caring nature of the technicians
who put safety and patient dignity above
all else .... !!"

What People Say About us

Amy, from a well respected healthcare
facility calls frequently to complement
the "caring and compassionate demeanor" of
our people, "especially Carlton and Rasheen"
who are regularly requested at this facility.